Botox Treatments for TMJ Disorder in Ocala, FL

TMJ disorders are common in patients today and can cause debilitating pain in the jaw area. While pain relievers and anti-inflammatory medications may help some patients manage TMJ symptoms, relief from traditional treatment options is often insufficient. Botox injections are a promising treatment method for TMJ disorders that we offer from our highly trained dentist . With our expertise in administering Botox for TMJ disorders, we can help you achieve relief from TMJ symptoms.
Botox TMJ
Botox TMJ

What Is TMJ disorder?

TMJ stands for the temporomandibular joint. This joint connects your jawbone to your skull, with one joint on each side of the jaw. When patients experience pain in this joint and the muscles that move it, it’s often due to a TMJ disorder.

There are multiple possible causes of a TMJ disorder, and it can be tricky to pin down its precise cause in a patient. Arthritis, an injury of the jaw, frequent jaw clenching or teeth grinding, and genetic factors may be at play in the development of a TMJ disorder.

TMJ disorders can lead to multiple symptoms, including jaw pain, aching, or tenderness, pain while chewing, and locking or clicking of the TMJ joint.

How Does Botox Work for TMJ?

In Botox treatments for TMJ disorder, the injections are administered into the masseter muscle. This facial muscle connects the cheekbone to the lower jawbone, and it’s a necessary component in your ability to chew solid foods. The masseter muscle also engages when you clench your jaw, and overuse of the muscle can lead to inflammation, tightness, and pain.

With a few quick Botox injections into the masseter muscle, TMJ symptoms can be significantly reduced. When the masseter muscle is relaxed with the Botox formula, it can’t be clenched as tightly. This lowers tension in the area to ease TMJ pain.

Within two weeks of receiving injections for TMJ disorder, patients experience a reduction in jaw tension. This relief lasts for three to four months after Botox treatment.

While we don’t take insurance for this procedure , our pricing is very competitive as a clinic that specializes in Botox for TMJ .

Call our office today to set up a consultation and learn how Botox for TmJ disorders can help relieve your pain. Our caring and knowledgeable team members are here to answer your questions.

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