Emergency Dentistry

No ever plans on having a dental emergency; Murphy’s Law states that anything that can go wrong will go wrong and it always seems to go wrong at the worst possible time. At Grand Oaks Dental Care we do our best to get you seen and treated as soon as possible. During a dental emergency, we understand that you are probably experiencing anxiety in addition to being in pain. Our staff members are trained to help ease your mind while attend to your care.

Whether the emergency is serious such as the trauma of getting a tooth knocked out while at little league game, or something a little less serious like losing a filling or a broken denture our staff at Grand Oaks Dental Care will always extend caring compassionate general dentistry to every single one of our patients. We understand that while the immediate pain and discomfort of an emergency may not always be there, the anxiety is. Some of the more common emergencies are fillings coming out or a crown or cap coming off a tooth. When a crown or cap is lost, as long as the piece wasn’t swallowed, bring it with you and we will see about it getting it cemented back on.

If a toothache is bringing you to our office, Dr. Amir will examine the area to determine exactly what is causing the pain and then we will consult with you regarding his diagnosis and how to treat it. Your wellbeing and getting you out of pain are our main goals.

Comfort Remains the Priority

Here at Grand Oaks Dental Care we understand that dental emergencies can be unnerving. Whether it is the stress of a tooth being knocked out or being embarrassed to go outside due to a broken denture our main concern is your comfort. When you are here we want you to feel relaxed and to be confident that you choose the right place for kind, compassionate care as we attend to your needs. Dr. Amir and his staff are devoted to treating your dental emergency in such a manner that you will get relief from your stress and anxiety as we deal with difficulty or discomfort you are experiencing. Contact us right away if you have a dental emergency and need to see a dentist immediately

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