Root Canals Are Not Painful

Root Canal Therapy in Ocala, FL

We understand that an infected tooth can cause quite a bit of pain. Many patients will ask the doctor to pull the tooth instead of undergoing a root canal. While this might be the immediate option to relieve the pain it is not, however, the best option. As any dentist will tell you it is always better to keep your natural teeth, if possible, for as long as possible. Grand Oaks Dental Care dentists will always be able to evaluate the situation and determine what the best course of action is. If a root canal is the best option, rest assured that he will walk you through all the steps of the process. We always want to make sure you understand the procedure. Contact us today to schedule your evaluation with one of our dentist and remember your health and comfort is always a priority at Grand Oaks Dental Care. 

The Advantages of Root Canal Therapy

The phrase Root Canal Therapy (RCT) is typically thought of in a negative light. Root Canals are, in fact, a general dentistry treatment that not only relieves pain and discomfort coming from an infected tooth it also helps prevent teeth from being extracted. It is always important to understand why you need a specific procedure. The process starts with tooth decay, which begins on the outer surface of the tooth (the enamel). At this point there is usually no pain, however, if the decay isn’t removed it can spread and deepen to the next layer of the tooth (dentin) over time. Once the decay reaches the dentin the bacteria goes into overdrive. The decay spreads faster and wider moving closer to the center of the tooth; the pulp. At this point the tooth can start to become more sensitive to sweets, hot/cold and sometimes even biting or chewing. Once the bacteria reaches the pulp the situation has become pretty serious and can only get worse. At this point bacteria can cause swelling the area, an abscess, even bone loss or blood infection if not treated.

If the bacteria or decay ever reaches the pulp of the tooth, then there is only one way to save it and that is through root canal therapy. One of the benefits of having root canal therapy done is that it often relieves any pain and discomfort that comes from having an infected tooth. During a root canal the pressure that is caused by the swelling is relieved by cleaning out the pulp chamber of the tooth. This process is essential as it helps remove all of the bacteria that is infecting the tooth. Once that is completed the canals is then filled with a specialized material and sealed off so bacteria are unable to re-infect the tooth.

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