Experience the Difference with Grand Oaks Dental Care

Grand Oaks Dental Care is a dental office where our patients comfort is our top priority. We offer blankets, neck pillows, and the option of watching relaxing nature scenes, movies or TV shows while receiving care. The welcome distraction really does make dentistry relaxing and fun!

Personal Attention From Our Doctors

Any first visit to a new health care provider can have its stresses. We will make sure to answer any questions you may have, and to listen to what concerns brought you to us. You will find that any anxiety that you have at your initial visit will quickly fade as you get to know us, and the high level of care that we provide for you.

You will find that all of our doctors have a great chair side manner. They love helping others to feel comfortable and relaxed. They take pride in the fact that this practice revolves around personal attention to the patient. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Amir, Dr. Phelan, Dr. Insco, Dr. Kazaal or Dr. Herrera.

At Grand Oaks Dental Care, enjoy how WE do dentistry!

When you arrive at our office, feel free to get coffee, sugarless soda, or infused water (sometimes with lemons from Dr. Amir’s back yard!). Our serene lobby sets the stage for a low-stress visit- relax to scenes of natural beauty playing on the TV. Once in the treatment room, you can enjoy watching movies or your favorite TV shows while you or a member of your family receives dental treatment. Our patients love watching virtual nature hikes- we have a great selection of videos to help you relax like you never have before at the dentist. All of this while wearing wireless headphones, tucked in under a blanket, and enjoying our incredibly comfortable heated, massaging chairs. Our patients often don’t want to leave at the end of their appointments, and we don’t blame them!

Comfort & Amenities

For some patients, being sedated during their dental appointment is important and a necessity.

If you feel that you need assistance with relaxing during your visit, in most cases, we’re able to provide medicine that completely relaxes you, allowing you to rest comfortably during your visit while we care for your dental needs. We complete as much treatment as possible, after which you will regain alertness, feeling comfortable and refreshed. We also provide nitrous oxide (laughing gas) as an option to help you feel more at ease. This safe and easy dental sedation option helps you get comfortable, and can be especially helpful for children and adolescents who experience dental anxiety. Laughing gas can also make dental visits easier and provide a better experience for patients with mental or physical impairments. When we explore the best sedation dentistry options for you, we will review your health history, including medications you are taking and habits such as alcohol consumption and smoking. We take all factors into careful consideration when planning for your treatment, and we’ll go through the proper preparation steps with you prior to your dental sedation visit at our Ocala, FL dentist office. Your comfort and safety are our first priority.

Modern Technology

A revolutionary new technology called the DentalVibe is the secret weapon of our 3-Step Comfort Injection Process. Grand Oaks Dental Care is one of the few practices serving the Ocala, FL area using the DentalVibe, which is a high-tech device that provides soothing vibrations to the gums during an injection. With the use of the DentalVibe device, you won’t even realize that you have received a shot! How does it work? Vibration signals travel to the brain faster than pain signals do, so DentalVibe’s vibrations reach the brain first and essentially block the sensation of pain from ever being felt. The result is astounding to most patients, especially for those who have always felt fearful of dental injections. You will be amazed and feel truly thankful for the amount of comfort felt during your procedure. Come in and experience the difference for yourself! When we take care of you and your smile, we want you to feel comfortable every step of the way.

Get the Smile You Deserve