Dental Crowns

A dental Crown is a type of restoration that may be used to protect a weak tooth or one which is badly discolored or misshapen. Teeth that require large filings, a root canal or are broken or cracked may require a crown in order to protect the tooth.

Once an examination has been completed and a tooth has been diagnosed as needing a crown, the tooth in question will be prepared. Once the tooth has been prepared and crown created it will be permanently attached to the remaining part of the tooth. With our general dentistry treatments, crown can be made from various materials such as gold alloy, porcelain-fused-to metal or ceramic.

Restore Cracked Teeth

Once a tooth has been cracked it requires the protection of a crown, sometimes a root canal is required to save a tooth that has been cracked. If a root canal is needed that procedure will be completed prior to starting the crown. Once the root canal is completed we will prepare the tooth for the crown, and then, once the lab has created it, seat the permanent crown which will restore your tooth back to its previous appearance thus protecting it from further damage.

It is important to understand that when a tooth is cracked it can pose a special challenge to repair it. Once a crown is completed it will proved the necessary protection for the tooth and in most cases the tooth will be fine for years to come. There are times that the crack in a tooth may become worse despite a crown having been completed, the quicker this can be discovered the greater the chances of treatment success.

If Dr. Amir diagnosis a crown, whether it is to restore, protect or strengthen a tooth, he will consult with you on which type of crown will best suite your needs as well as the treatment itself. Dr. Amir’s primary concern is the health of your mouth as well as your confidence in your smile. Contact our office today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Amir

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