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For those parents out there, we understand that children can sometimes be uncomfortable in an unfamiliar setting, especially a dental office. At Grand Oaks Dental Care, we understand this, and we put extra effort into creating a welcoming, kid-friendly atmosphere. We have a dedicated kids room, so they can play games or watch TV and of course, all of our staff members are kid-friendly. Our goal is to provide everyone with a gentle and comforting experience regardless if it is for adults, teens, pre-teens or little ones (starting at age 6) we will strive to make sure they have positive dental visits for years to come. The American Dental Association (ADA) does recommend that parents get their children to the dentist once the first baby tooth comes in. There are several benefits to these early visits, first, of course, is that it gets the child used to going to a dentist and having a pleasant experience. Another benefit is that it will help prevent serious dental issues from occurring.

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Finding the Perfect Kids Dentist for Their Dental Needs

Here at Grand Oaks Dental Care our goal is to give your children the best possible experience at our dental office. Our staff here is not only patient but understanding when it comes to kids, and we all strive to ensure that each child feels right at home. Occasionally it can a child some time to understand and accept that dental work needs to be done. Our staff’s excellent chair side manner will help any kid feel safe and comfortable and the TVs in the treatment rooms certainly help. Before starting any procedures, we always ensure that your child is calm and relaxed.One of the things that sets us apart from other offices is that we do offer Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas) to our patients. Nitrous oxide will help your child relax in the chair, and don’t worry it isn’t just available for kids either, another amenity we offer are blankets which have been proven to help calm any anxious patient. We take pride in our high-tech dental equipment which enables us to complete your procedure with little to no discomfort on your end. Our staff enjoys teaching our patients how to establish and maintain good dental habits. We truly enjoy the pride children take in learning how to maintain their own oral health. Contact our office today to schedule an appointment for you or your children.

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