Cosmetic Dentistry

Everyone wants to have a beautiful smile. If your smile is not what you wish it to be you can make an appointment with Dr. Amir at Grand Oaks Dental Care to discuss your options. Dr. Amir has expertise in a variety of areas of cosmetic dentistry offering you possibilities to achieve your best smile yet. A bright, healthy smile says a lot about you and it gives you confidence. If you have been hiding your smile because you feel self-conscious about the way it looks it is time for you to make a decision for a smile you can show. Let Dr. Amir show you how easy it is to get the smile of your dreams.

Cosmetic Dentistry Services

Have you ever seen a person you thought was nice looking except for their smile? Do you ever feel that you are that person? Through the use of cosmetic dentistry, Dr. Amir can get your smile back on track. Missing teeth can leave you feeling embarrassed, stifling your laughter because you are uncomfortable with the hole everyone will see. Dull, yellowing teeth can make you appear years older than your actual age. Metal fillings in some of your teeth may make you feel self-conscious. These and a host of other issues are subjects for cosmetic dentistry. Dental bridges or implants can easily close most holes left by missing teeth. Professional whitening of your teeth can make your teeth shades brighter whittling years off your appearance. Composite fillings can give you a smile that looks brighter without all the dark, shiny metal. Small issues with anterior teeth can be rectified with porcelain veneers giving you a Hollywood smile to flash.

Grand Oaks Dental Care is the place to go to for your cosmetic dental work. Your smile will be transformed in a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere with friendly staff. Contact our office today to make your appointment for a consultation with Dr. Amir to find out what he can do to help you achieve the smile of your dreams.

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