Pain Control

High-Strength Numbing Ge

We use a high-strength topical gel that provides profound numbing of the gums. This gel is made of 20% Benzocaine, and it is applied before an injection is given to help eliminate any initial “pinch” that might otherwise be felt from the point of the needle.

Warmed Anasthetic

Grand Oaks Dental Care is proud to offer dental technology specifically designed to bring anesthetic solution to body temperature just before an injection for your optimal comfort. When normal room-temperature shots are given, the body tends to amplify the pain felt from the colder anesthetic being pushed into the gums. Warming the anesthetic can significantly reduce this discomfort. This step has been shown to decrease instances of pain.

Our High-Tech Secret Weapon

The revolutionary new technology called the DentalVibe is the secret weapon of our 3-Step Comfort Injection Process. Grand Oaks Dental Care is one of the few practices in the Ocala, FL area using DentalVibe, which is a high-tech device that provides soothing vibrations to the gums during an injection. With the use of the DentalVibe device, you won’t even notice when the injection happens!

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