Dr. Hannah Kazaal

Dr. Hannah Kazaal attended the University of South Florida for her Bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Arts and Sciences with a minor in Public Health. She graduated Summa Cum Laude before she moved to Ohio to complete her dental degree at Case Western Reserve University.

Dr. Kazaal is a compassionate dentist with a mission to redefine the dental experience. Having once harbored dental anxiety herself, she’s dedicated to creating a warm and anxiety-free environment for her patients.

Her journey as a patient inspired her to become a dentist who prioritizes not only oral health but also emotional well-being for her own patients. She specializes in creating comfortable and stress-free dental experiences because she firmly believes that everyone deserves a positive dental encounter. Seeing her patients transform from being nervous to comfortable brings her immeasurable joy.

When she’s not in the office, she enjoys painting, cake decorating, interior design and traveling. You’ll often find her immersed in the captivating narratives of mystery and thriller books. She finds the parallels between unraveling a gripping plot and diagnosing dental issues intriguing – both require careful examination, attention to detail and a determination to uncover the truth.

She’s excited to be on this journey of compassion and dental excellence, all while ensuring each patient’s visit is met with a calming and soothing touch.

Dr. Kazaal in Multnomah Falls hike in Oregon.

Dr. Kazaal’s Cake decoration.

Dr. Kazaal Spending time with her sisters.

Dr. Kazaal and her husband, who is doing a residency in endodontics at the university of florida